About SASA

Who we are?

We are a spiritual, self-help group of women and men who are guided by a set of 12 Suggested Steps and 12 Traditions as borrowed from AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), along with some slogans and the Serenity Prayer. There are no dues or fees. Everything that is said here, in the group meeting or member to member, must be held in strict confidence. We do not have any professional therapist working in our group. SASA is not a replacement for therapy or any other professional service when needed. The only requirement for membership is that you are a victim of sexual assault and you want to recover. It does not matter whether the assault was initiated by a family member, an extended family member an aunt, uncle, inlaw, step-parent, cousin, friend of the family, teacher, coach, clergy, boyfriend or husband.

We believe we were affected by the assault whether it occurred once or many times, since the damage is incurred immediately. We learn in SASA not to deny what happened and that the assault was not our fault. No one deserves to be raped. We in SASA share our feelings, our experience, strength and hope. In dealing with our pain, it may feel as if we are pulling the scab off a wound that never healed properly, AND IT HURTS. However, it is easier to cry when we have friends who are not afraid of our tears. We CAN be comforted – that is why we are here. We will never forget, but we can, in time, heal the shame, grief and self destructive behaviors that often plague the silent survivor. In time, if we work the program, we will enjoy it’s promises.

More information (including 12 Suggested Steps and 12 Traditions as well as Testimonials) can be found here:


SASA Prague (established on 31/1/2015)

SASA meetings in Prague take place every Saturday from 10:00 to 12:00 at Křesťanský domov mládeže, Francouzská 585/1, Praha 2- Vinohrady, 120 00


Telephone: + 420 736 520 326 (woman)



SASA Brno 

SASA meeting is on Tuesday from 16:00 to 17:30. Orlí 17, Brno- Střed, 602 00 (area of the Minorite monastery, next to the Baroko café)


Telephone: (+ 420) 776 190 345 (woman)



SASA Bratislava (established on 15/9/2017)

The group was canceled on 1.2.2019. If it reopened, we will notify you.


ZOOM mtg

Meeting online with Zoom Sunday at 12 noon Central standard time, Monday at 7 pm Central standard time some one tells their story and Wednesday at 7 pm Central standard time step study ... we plan to continue online meetings after the lock down is over - website and facebook site... Anyone may join a - updated zoom link in this group description. New link is

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